Ian Huntley ‘Wants To Apologise To Parents Of Girls He Murdered’


Child murderer Ian Huntley has confessed that he wants to apologise to the parents of the girls he killed.

Huntley was sentenced to life in prison in 2005 for the murder of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, two 10-year-old girls who he lured back to his house before killing them.

Now, however, a former inmate has revealed that Huntley wants forgiveness for his horrific crimes and wishes he didn’t do it, The Mirror reports.

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The inmate claims: 

Huntley told me, ‘I’m genuinely sorry for what I’ve done. I wasn’t in control. I didn’t know what I was doing’.

He said, ‘If I was given the ­opportunity to apologise and explain what I did to their parents I would. I now realise what I did’.

The anonymous source, who lived on the same prison wing as Huntley and spoke to him daily for three years, also revealed that he wants to get in contact with his former partner, Maxine Carr.

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Carr was jailed after helping Huntley cover up his crimes back in 2002, and the child killer apparently wants to apologise for ‘putting her through this hell’.

Perhaps most disturbingly though, the former inmate revealed that the warped former school caretaker is so obsessed with his hideous crimes that he wears a replica Man United shirt around the prison, despite a request from the governor for him to stop.

The red shirt became synonymous with the case when the last picture ever taken of best friends Holly and Jessica in their own Man Utd shirts was released by their concerned parents, during the hunt for the girls.

The Mirror’s source said:

I couldn’t believe it when I first saw him wearing it [the red shirt]. It’s an insult to their memory. He knows how offensive people find it and receives constant abuse whenever he wears it, but he just carries on.

It’s like he’s trying to remind people of exactly what he’s done. He’ll often wear it in the morning and then change to the blue away shirt from the same year in the afternoon.

Huntley was jailed for a minimum of 40 years, after being found guilty of the girls’ murder in 2003.

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At the time, Huntley denied murdering the girls, although he admitted to manslaughter.

Instead, he claimed he ‘accidentally’ killed Holly then ‘unintentionally’ suffocated Jessica.

Huntley also apparently lives in hope that his daughter, Samantha Bryan, will one day forgive him for his crimes and visit him in prison.


The source explained:

He said he would really like to get to know her. He told me he hoped she would one day give him the chance to explain himself and then she could make her own mind up about him and whether she wanted to see him.

He desperately hoped she would visit him in prison. In the three years I knew him he never had any visitors other than his legal team.

It seems unlikely that Samantha will forgive her father though, who she’s described as just a sperm donor in the past and admitted to hating.