Iconic Glasgow Red Tower Flats Demolished In Only Seven Seconds

by : UNILAD on : 12 Oct 2015 20:38

Glasgow’s iconic Red Tower blocks were demolished in a matter of seconds, changing the skyline of the city forever.


The Red Tower blocks were once the highest in Europe, and had been on the horizon of the city since the sixties, being home to hundreds of people.

A crowd gathered to see the blocks torn down, with more people arriving throughout the day.


The six blocks were demolished in only seven seconds, and it is thought that it will take at least two years to clear the area of all the rubble now left behind.


Professor Lynn Abrams, head of Modern History said:

Red Road polarises people. The flats undoubtedly became the symbol to some of all that failed in the city’s high rise experiment, associated with isolation, anti-social behaviour and crime.

To others, however, it was home. This is where they grew up, where they raised their children. They were an improvement on the housing conditions many had endured in Glasgow’s overcrowded and substandard rented sector, they were modern with all mod cons including hot water and indoor WCs.


But it is clear that so early in the life of Glasgow’s high rise experiment there were already signs of the problems that bedevilled this modern housing solution.

Social problems such as isolation and loneliness and the absence of provision for children; economic problems surrounding high rents and expensive utility bills; and problems with the build quality of the flats with thin walls, ill-fitting windows, dangerous balconies and malfunctioning lifts.


The bottom 10 storeys of the flats still remain, with their demolition date set at a later stage.

After council plans to regenerate Balornock and Barmulloch, it was decided that the flats were to be torn down, with the footage certainly eye-opening.


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