Identity Of ‘Creepy’ And ‘Weird’ Texas Gunman Revealed

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The gunman who opened fire and killed at least 27 people at a church in Texas during a Sunday service has been described as ‘creepy’, ‘crazy’ and ‘weird’.


Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, was an ‘outcast’ who reportedly ‘preached his atheism online’ before he mercilessly shot dead children, women and the elderly.

A classmate of the killer, Patrick Boyce, spoke to the Daily Mail about how Kelley ‘seemed depressed’.


Boyce said to the Daily Mail:


He had a kid or two, fairly normal, but kinda quiet and lately seemed depressed.

He was the first atheist I met. He went Air Force after high school, got discharged but I don’t know why.

I was just shocked [to hear the news]. Still haven’t quite processed how he could have done that.

Nina Rose Nava, who went to school with Kelley, wrote on Facebook:

In (sic) in complete shock! I legit just deleted him off my fb cause I couldn’t stand his post.

He was always talking about how people who believe in God we’re stupid and trying to preach his atheism.

Another former classmate, Christopher Leo Longoria, agreed with Nina, saying he ‘removed him off FB for those same reasons’ and he was being negative all the time.

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Nina went on to explain how Kelley recently commented on one of her Facebook posts and an anonymous source who grew up going to school with him said he ‘always creeped me out and was different’.

Nina said:


I went to school with him. We had a few conversations here and there. It’s not something I expected from him.

He was an outcast but not a loner. He was popular among other outcasts. I haven’t spoke to him since high school.

Kelley, who was married and reportedly had children, posted a photo of an AR-15 style gun with the caption ‘She’s a bad bi**h’.

He entered the church at around 11.30am local time on Sunday November 5.

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Nina went on to say:

I said I just want to move back to Texas, and he said something along the lines of ‘Texas isn’t any better’. Pretty much said he didn’t like Texas.

I think he had one kid, she/he is still a baby. He was married but I don’t know to who. It’s crazy to think I grew up with him. Same town. Same school. Same classes.

He was different in school and creeped me out but never would I have thought he would do such a horrific thing.

Many other former friends of Kelley’s came forward on Facebook. One who wished to remain anonymous said they couldn’t believe he ‘was friends with this guy’ and ‘literally would stay the night at his place when we were kids’.

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The source went on to write about how he ‘ended up distancing himself’ from Kelley in high school ‘after he got in an argument with me in school and he tried punching me several times’.

Kelley was found dead by police, reportedly killed by two local men who also had guns.

Our thoughts are with all those affected.

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