Identity Of London Bridge Attackers Revealed

by : UNILAD on : 05 Jun 2017 18:18
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Two of the three terrorist attackers who killed at least seven people and injured 48 in Saturday night’s rampage on London Bridge and in Borough Market have been named and identified.


Khuram Butt and Rachid Redouane, both from Barking, have been revealed by the Met as two of the three London attackers. The third, who police claim to have identified, has not yet been named to the public.

A police statement released by the police alongside the images reported that Butt, 27, was a British citizen born in Pakistan. Redouane, whose age is unknown, claimed to be both Moroccan and Libyan.

Butt was known to Mi5 and police however they claim to have had no information on a possible attack.


The trio reportedly drove a white van at ‘about 50mph’ into pedestrians on London Bridge before jumping out and stabbing members of the public.

Police confirmed in a statement that the three attackers were all shot dead within eight minutes of the first emergency call.

Witnesses reported seeing the three men carrying ’12 inch long’ blades and ‘stabbing everyone’.

The three suspects also wore fake explosive vests, and were photographed on the floor wearing what appear to be ‘canisters’.

The attacker, according to his neighbours in Barking, was married and had two children who he had lived with there for three years.

Another neighbour described how, soon before his rampage, the attacker had taken a keen interest in his removal van, asking specific questions.


12 people, including women in burqas, were arrested at addresses around Barking this afternoon.

One victim of the attack was a transport police officer who was stabbed in the head, face, and leg while trying to help others, but his injuries are not life threatening.

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