Idiot Takes Cocaine To His Own Court Hearing, Is Immediately Arrested


If you’re trying to prove your innocence in court, probably best to steer well clear of bringing class A drugs along to the party.

Waqas Khan is apparently not a very smart man. The 24-year-old from Beech Road, London was on trial for conspiracy to supply cocaine and heroin as part of a large scale drugs operation. Unbelievably, Khan thought it’d be a pretty swell idea to bring a big bag of coke with him, which was immediately found by police.

Detective Inspector Paul Baron said:

To turn up in the dock with class A drugs on him shows a complete and utter disregard to the law. Khan’s actions were beyond belief and I’m pleased that he will face a custodial sentence – showing that he is not in fact above the law.

Luton Crown Court

Khan has now been jailed for 21 months for pleading guilty to possession with intent to supply. It’s not all bad news for Khan though, he’s probably going to get a nomination for the biggest idiot of 2015 – he gets my vote.