Idiot Tries To Intimidate Muslim Person With Bacon, It Immediately Backfires


Police are investigating a possible anti-Muslim hate crime after an idiot left a piece of bacon on a Muslim man’s car door.

The incident, which occurred in a swimming pool car park in Cambridgeshire, was reported by the victim and to the MAMA Project, a nationwide online forum set up as a means of measuring anti-Muslim attacks.

The man was returning to his car with his six-year-old niece after going for a swim, when he noticed a piece of bacon had been left on his car door handle to cook in the sun.

He reported the act of anti-Muslim vandalism, expressing surprise that the perpetrator had not targeted the driver’s door, and further suggesting the act could have been premeditated, as nothing would outwardly suggest the car owner was Muslim.

Twitter has been quick to berate the perpetrator’s idiocy, having to explain the Muslim faith and traditions with admirable humour and wit.

Users wrote:

The notion that Muslims are deeply offended by bacon is largely a myth perpetrated by the far-right and a string of previous hate crimes directed at the Muslim community have utilised pork products.

Britain First once declared that burying a pig on the grounds of a mosque could prevent its construction. Since, a string of pork related incidents have been recorded.

A severed pig’s head was dumped at a Blackpool mosque in 2014 and in 2016 the staff at an Islamic faith school in Portsmouth discovered another pig head tied to school gates in full view of children.

In November 2016, two Polish men were jailed after throwing bacon strips at worshippers at the Al-Rahman Mosque in North London.

While this crime is arguably less extreme than its predecessors, the bigotry it illustrates is just as painful for the Muslim community.