Idiotic ISIS Jihadi Nearly Blows Himself Up In Crazy Suicide Belt Prank


A foolhardy British jihadi nearly blew both himself and his knuckle-dragging extremist mates up when he pulled the pin out of a suicide belt in a bizarre propaganda prank.

In the video, believed to be shot in Iraq, the jihadi jackass guffaws and laughs, as his fellow idiotic extremists film him on mobiles, before he pulls the pin on his deadly vest.

Throwing it off the edge of landing, the deranged suicide bomber backs away from the blast and seconds later the explosion tears through the building leaving the thick-as-a-plank fighters fleeing for their lives.

According to the Daily Mail, the twitchy jihadi behind the ‘hilarious‘ prank is thought to be Gezim Klokoci, a 19-year-old college drop-out from Finsbury Park, now reportedly using the name Abu Waqqas al-Albani.

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The fuck-tard fighter was never the sharpest knife (there are probably sharper marshmallows to be honest) in the drawer either, according to his former classmates.

One classmate said:

He did talk about religion a lot, we used to argue about it but he wasn’t talking about jihad or killing non-believers.

He wasn’t very bright, I recall when The Hobbit movie first came out, he said it was made by the Illuminati and he wasn’t joking either.


To be fair to Klokoci, maybe he’s just bored – the jihadi has been complaining about Daesh quite a bit on social media.

Last year the lowlife fighter wrote:

Once we slept in trenches for two weeks with no showers getting bitten by bugs.

While another post showed a picture of a Costa coffee with the caption: “I miss this”.

Just when you think that Daesh fighters couldn’t possibly get any more astoundingly moronic, they release a video like this which reminds you just how dangerously stupid they are both to themselves and others.