Idris Elba Pays For 150 Gym Memberships To Get Kids Off The Street

by : UNILAD on : 20 Mar 2017 16:17

Actor, hard man and all round bad-ass Idris Elba has proven how amazing he really is by spending thousands of pounds on gym memberships to get kids off the street.


The Beast Of No Nation star has supposedly secretly been paying for gym memberships for struggling teenagers in the UK and the U.S and a friend has added Idris is very passionate about helping disadvantaged kids.

It’s also being reported that the star pays the school fees for children in Africa.

According to the Daily Star a friend of Idris said: 


He secretly does a lot for children, not only in the UK but also in America and Africa. Idris knows first hand how hard it can be to keep on the straight and narrow

One of the things he’s been doing is paying for the gym memberships for over 150 teens in London and the USA so that they stay off the streets and in a productive place when their parents aren’t home.

Idris knows that kids can really make something of their lives when they are provided with opportunities.


Idris Elba was born in Hackney, London, and has been open about his struggles growing up at one point being homeless for three months and allegedly sold weed.

According to an insider, Idris is aware he’s living a privileged life but remembers that life wasn’t always like this and knows that it can be difficult to stay on the straight and narrow.

They added: 

[Idris has] been paying for these kids to use gyms so they can learn discipline and have a focus. It means they have somewhere healthy to socialise, stay off the streets and stay out of trouble.

What a guy!

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    Idris Elba splashes out on gym for 150 kids to help keep them off the streets