If You Drive With Snow On Your Roof You Could Be Hit With Huge Fine

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As the country is hit by severe weather conditions today, authorities have reminded motorists to take extra care when brushing off the snow on your car.

Failure to do so could involve points added onto your licence and a hefty fine – in some severe cases going up to a staggering £5000!

While many drivers always take extra precaution when driving in snowy conditions – making sure to clear their bonnet, windscreen, windows and driveway – the roof of the car is sometimes forgotten and in some cases, not bothered with.

However, neglecting to clear snow off of your car roof could result in a £60 fine and points on your licence if caught.

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According to driving laws which fall under section 229 of the Highway Code, it’s important for drivers to ‘remove all snow that might fall off into the path of other road users’ as it could be a potential threat for other motorists.

You may see yourself being slapped with a ‘driving without reasonable consideration for other road users’ charge, which could come with a wallet-busting £100 fine plus nine points on your driver’s licence.

Speaking to The Sun, head of roads policy for the AA, Jack Cousens, said:

If snow on the roof of your car falls off onto your windscreen, or flies into the path of another car, then you could find yourself in trouble which was completely avoidable.

With the help of a soft brush and very little effort, you can avoid any penalties by sweeping the snow away.

If you can, parking in a garage or somewhere undercover can save you time as well as keeping you in the warm a bit longer.

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Extreme cases have seen matters taken to court, where the penalties are much more stringent.

A driver could even be forced to pay a £5000 fine as well as having the aforementioned nine points on your licence.

The UK is currently undergoing severe weather conditions, with some parts waking up to at least 11 inches of snow this morning.

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The Met Office has already issued an amber alert warning as airports, roads and motorways across the country have been forced to close due to the disruption caused by the weather.

Motorists have been advised to take extra caution and to only travel if ‘absolutely necessary’ by police.