If You Eat Burger King’s Black Whopper It May Turn Your Poop Green, Apparently

by : UNILAD on : 06 Oct 2015 18:48
Burger King

Remember those cool looking black buns which Burger King have rolled out in the U.S. and UK for Halloween? Well, it turns out eating the tasty treat may result in a rather unfortunate side effect.


This is according to a number of people on social media, anyway, who claim to have tried the black bun since it went on sale at the start of the month. And a worrying amount of foodies have alleged that your poop actually turns green after you eat the ‘Halloween Whopper’.

Seriously, just check out how many complaints have been made about this:




A spooky snack equals spooky poop, we guess. It is Halloween, after all…

Oh, and one user was even kind enough to share what was lurking in his toilet after his burger came out the other end. (WARNING: ACTUAL PHOTO OF GREEN FAECES COMING UP!)


Grim. It looks kind of like Play-Doh, doesn’t it?

Anyway, Burger King have yet to comment publicly on this bizarre news but, the most likely explanation for the phenomenon is the use of blue or green food colouring in creating the bun.

So, safe in the knowledge this isn’t going to kill us, you can bet we’ll be heading down to Burger King ASAP to try this for ourselves (the unique whopper is on sale ’til the end of the month). The prospect of coloured sh*t just makes us even more intrigued, to be honest!

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