If You Printed The Whole Of Wikipedia This Is What It Would Look Like

wiki: Michael Mandiberg/Denny Gallery, NYC

For me, Wikipedia (along with Google) is the fountain of all knowledge, and when I need information, I’m pretty sure the website will have it.

Even taking that into account, I never really realised how much information Wikipedia contained – until now.

One artist from New York, Michael Mandiberg, decided to make an art exhibition of everything on Wikipedia, using all the articles, just so that we could see what one million gigabytes is – or a petabyte to tech savvy people.

wiki1: Michael Mandiberg/Denny Gallery, NYC

One gigabyte is enough to store the information of around 1,000 books, so imagine how many gigabytes were needed to store the entirety of Wikipedia.

After seeing the sheer volume of information, Michael claimed:

This is a way of really understanding how big things are.

When the print button was pressed, there were 11,594,743 articles that made a huge 7,473 books when they were converted.

wiki2: Michael Mandiberg/Denny Gallery, NYC

Because Michael wanted trees to be left in the rainforest, he only printed 106 of the books and then painted the rest of them, putting them on display at Denny Gallery in Manhatten’s Lower East Side.