If You See This Coat Hook In A Toilet, Call The Police


Innocent looking hooks in public toilets are under investigation by the police after their sinister purpose was revealed.

The coat hooks contain a discrete camera which can film footage and still images, which are downloadable from the device.

You can watch how the spy hook works in this Tekgila video below:

While the technology is undeniably mind-blowing, some unsavoury individuals have allegedly used it for a disgusting purpose.

The hooks have reportedly been used in public toilets in Florida to invade the privacy of users and film them while they remain blissfully unaware of the camera presence.


The hooks can be bought online on Amazon.

In theory, anyone can get their hands on one, so police have warned the public to stay vigilant.


Florida Keys’ Sheriff Ramsay said:

Anyone who has a public restroom on their property needs to check them closely.

If you find anything suspicious you think might contains a hidden camera, don’t touch it. Call us right away and we will respond.

Keep in mind, though, that these are very small cameras that can be mounted in many locations and hidden in many seemingly every-day items.

Detectives investigating hidden cameras in women’s restroomsDetectives in the Upper Keys are investigating three…

Posted by MCSO – Florida Keys on Tuesday, 31 May 2016

While there use hasn’t been reported on UK shores, police reports from Florida last year say the hooks had been used in restrooms on local beaches and even in dressing rooms.

So, if you spot one hanging around be sure to alert the authorities and prevent this disgustingly lecherous criminal activity.