IKEA Customers Baffled As Woman Finds Secret Room

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IKEA Customers Baffled As Woman Finds Secret Room

IKEA customers have been left desperate to find a 'secret' room after it was described online as 'such a fun adventure'.

Anyone who's ever been to IKEA will know that it's a wonderous place, bringing together all manner of different interior design styles alongside bizarre knick-knacks, decorative items and, of course, meatballs.

With everything the store has to offer, it's really not surprising to learn there are some areas that have been overlooked by customers, but footage of the 'secret' room has intrigued viewers into wanting to know more.


See footage of the room below:


The discovery was shared on TikTok by user Anjali, who can be seen making her way around the furniture store in Greenwich, London.

The scene starts off fairly standard as Anjali walks between rows of storage units and travels down an escalator, but then she comes to a door with the word 'Infinity' written above it in bright pink, neon letters.


Upon entering the room, the TikToker showed how she was surrounded by dozens of lampshades giving off a purple light in a room filled with mirrors, giving the sense that it went on forever.

Anjali described the video as 'your sign to find the secret Infinity room in IKEA', but apart from the clips of her walking through the store, she didn't give any other hints about how users could actually go about making that happen.

The mystery surrounding the room has prompted numerous replies from interested viewers, with many asking if the room exists in other IKEA stores outside of Greenwich.

Infinity room in IKEA (@anj0banj0/TikTok)
Infinity room in IKEA (@anj0banj0/TikTok)

Responding to one viewer who'd said they 'went to the Greenwich IKEA soooo many times and never saw this', Anjali simply wrote, 'Look harder.'

Another TikTok user joked, 'Not really a secret though is it? The bloody sign lights up!'

Though there are many people out there who have not yet been lucky enough to discover the 'Infinity room', Anjali is not the only person to have experienced its wonders, as another video shared on Pinterest shows a second customer surrounded by the magical-looking lights.

That particular customer offered a few more clues as to how people might be able to find the room, writing that it is 'located downstairs after the plants section'.


I've no doubt there'll be a lot of determined TikTok users storming the Greenwich IKEA in a bid to find the elusive room, but at least anyone who's unsuccessful can comfort themselves by indulging in a bit of furniture-related retail therapy.

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Featured Image Credit: @anj0banj0/TikTok

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