IKEA Forced To Remind Customers Not To Masturbate In Stores After Incident

by : Cameron Frew on : 11 May 2020 19:02
IKEA Forced To Remind Customers Not To Masturbate In Stores After IncidentIKEA Forced To Remind Customers Not To Masturbate In Stores After IncidentPA Images/AsiaWire

IKEA has pledged to tighten its security after a woman was caught on camera masturbating in one of its stores. 


The incident unfolded in one of the DIY furniture company’s Chinese stores, although neither the branch nor the name of the perpetrator has been revealed.

In a two-minute pornographic clip, an unidentified woman in a barely-buttoned white shirt pleasures herself in various areas of the store, from display beds to seats. No, we haven’t attached the video.

Ikea China Customer 2Ikea China Customer 2AsiaWire

Quickly, the video went viral across Chinese social media, prompting it to be scrubbed. In fact, its impact was so seismic IKEA itself felt compelled to respond – according to AFP, the homeware behemoth’s response alone got nine million views.


Without naming the specific store, IKEA said in a statement on Saturday, May 9: ‘We resolutely oppose and condemn this kind of behavior, and immediately reported it to the police in the city of the suspected store.’

Ikea ChinaIkea ChinaPA Images

The furniture giant added that it would be taking ‘even more careful security and public cleanliness measures’ following the spread of the video and urged shoppers to ‘browse stores in an orderly and civilized way’.

The punishment in China for taking part in such an offence is no slap on the wrist – for deliberate public nudity alone, citizens risk up to 10 days of administrative detention.

Ikea China CustomerIkea China CustomerAsiaWire

However, those who are caught uploading and disseminating obscene content online can face even starker consequences, with the chance of up to 15 days’ detention and a maximum fine of 3,000 Yuan (roughly the equivalent of £340).

It’s important to note that many assume the video was filmed before the full scale, if not entirely preceding, the current outbreak, with nobody across the entirety of the clip appearing to be wearing a face mask. IKEA had also temporarily closed all stores due to the virus, although stores have begun reopening in China.

Ikea ChinaIkea ChinaPA Images

Due to some degree of Cantonese being heard in the background, there’s been speculation the video was filmed in southern China, more specifically in Guangdong Province. One user racked up 8,000 likes by writing on Weibo: ‘This woman is so brave, I don’t understand, [she’s] just doing it in broad daylight.’

Back in 2015, five people were arrested after a clip of a couple having sex in a Beijing Uniqlo went viral. According to the Chinese Cyberspace Administration, the clip ‘severely violated socialist core values’.

UniqloUniqloPA Images

All IKEA stores in the UK remain closed until further notice. In a statement, IKEA said: ‘People are at the heart of the IKEA business and the retailer is committed to supporting its co-workers in the best possible way during this complex and fast-evolving situation.’

The company added: ‘Customers will continue to be able to shop online and have products delivered directly to their homes… IKEA looks forward to welcoming customers back to its stores soon and thanks customers for their understanding during these extraordinary circumstances.’

The wonderful everyday was a bit too wonderful for this woman, clearly.

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