‘Image Of Christ’ Appears In Sky Over Argentina

by : Tim Horner on : 16 May 2019 12:27
'Image Of Christ' Appears In Sky Over Argentina'Image Of Christ' Appears In Sky Over ArgentinaCEN/PA Images

On the first day Jesus said, ‘Let there be light,’ or something like that, I’ve not read the Bible in a while.


But hallelujah, praise the Lord, because it appears someone in Argentina has, after an image of Christ burst through the clouds in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy.

The image, which I have absolutely no authority in verifying visual likeness to the human embodiment of God, did the rounds on social media faster than your nan can sign up to Thomas Cook giveways and Ray-Ban discount pages when she’s on Facebook.

'Image Of Christ' Appears In Sky Over Argentina'Image Of Christ' Appears In Sky Over ArgentinaCEN

And, like, Jesus must be a lot older than your nan. This is supernatural stuff. A miracle. Forgive all my sins.


Monica Aramayo papped the light-based shape of Jesus in the San Salvador de Jujuy sky.

Social media users were quick to share their praises.

One person wrote:

CRAZY: A surprising image register a woman with her cell phone, where you can see a “representation” of Jesus Christ in the skies of the city of San Salvador de Jujuy. In it you see a silhouette similar to that of Jesus, with arms extended

According to local media, no experts yet have given validity to the image. Which can’t be surprising, that’s got to be a niche college course: deities depicted in sunlight.

Look, I’m not here to debate the existence of God or Jesus. Not what you’re like in the comments section and not with the 20 minute deadline I’ve been given to write this. And before you all get up in my Inbox I’m not making fun of religion.

Is it a picture? Yes. Do I know what Jesus looked like? No. Do I know what depictions of Jesus look like? Yes. Does that shape of light look anything like depictions of Jesus? Yeah, I guess so but not really. Does that make it Jesus? Probably not.


Would Jesus follow UNILAD on Facebook? You bet your ass he would.

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