Images Of UK’s Most Wanted Fugitives Released By Police

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The National Crime Agency has updated their most wanted list, asking for anyone who has information to come forward. 


Those who provide information could potentially be rewarded with £50,000 if the their help leads to a successful arrest and prosecution.

While the current list of the UK’s most wanted criminals may pale in comparison to the likes of the FBI when it comes to notoriety, they are nonetheless just as dangerous to the public.

Some of the crimes committed include involvement in narcotics, organised crime and murder, dating back as far as 2002.

Simon McGuffie:

National Crime Agency

41-year-old McGuffie is wanted by the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit (Titan) on suspicion of being a member of a Merseyside-based organised crime group who were involved in the large-scale supply of cocaine, heroin and cannabis throughout the North West.

He has a scarred right arm and distinctive two inch scar to the right cheek.

Mark Quinn:

National Crime Agency

Wanted by Police in Scotland on suspicion of supplying amphetamines.

Between August 2013 and April 2014 Quinn, aged 52, was allegedly involved in an organised crime group operating in the production, transportation and distribution of amphetamines with a street value of over £11m.

Police describe him as 5ft 9ins tall, large build, with short brown hair.


Dominic McInally:

National Crime Agency

Wanted by Merseyside Police on suspicion of conspiracy to supply cocaine, McInally is presumed to be leader of a drug trafficking gang expected to bank £1.25m every month.

Members of his gang travelled to the border of France and Belgium to pick up and transport six kilos of cocaine.

The package, secreted in a hidden compartment inside a Seat Leon car, was intercepted by police officers when they swooped on the gang near Crosby in January 2014.

While McInally evaded capture five members of the gang have received sentences totalling up to 48 years.

McInally is described as 178cm tall with blond hair.

Mark Acklom:

National Crime Agency

Wanted by Avon & Somerset Police on suspicion of fraud by false representation, Acklom allegedly made a number of false representations after starting a romantic relationship with a woman from Bath in January 2012.

She said Acklom first claimed to work in the banking world in Switzerland and then later went on to say he worked for an intelligence agency. During the relationship, she said they discussed marriage.


After saying he had cash flow problems which were hindering renovation work at one of the properties he wanted them to live in, the woman gave him numerous loans totalling £850,000 – it later transpired Acklom did not own the property.

He disappeared and she never received any of her money back. He’s described as 5ft 10ins tall, medium build, with dark brown hair and green eyes.

Sarah Panitzke:

National Crime Agency

Wanted by HMRC for conspiracy to acquire criminal property, Panitzke was the senior member of a criminal network involved in a VAT fraud. She was in charge of the company accounts of many companies remotely via different IP addresses.

Panitzke travelled regularly to further the fraud to places such as Dubai, Spain and Andorra and was responsible for laundering approximately £1 billion.

Panitzke absconded in May 2013 and prior to the end of her trial in May 2013, Panitzke fled abruptly and was convicted in her absence.

She was sentenced to eight years on 22 August 2013. Eighteen members of the crime group received sentences totalling 135 years.

Panitzke is described as 170cm tall, slim build with mousey straight hair, blue eyes and has a Yorkshire accent.

Jonathan Kelly:

National Crime Agency

The 36-year-old is wanted by Police in Scotland for a recall to prison so he can serve the remaining sentence of nine years 10 months for a number of serious assaults.

Kelly, who is extremely violent and poses a high risk to both police and the general public, was convicted at various courts for a number of offences from 2002 to 2010.

He received sentences amounting up to 16 years, however, in September 2013 he was released on licence but failed to stick to the set parameters.

The offences he was convicted of included an assault to severely injure and danger of life, robbery, assault to severely injure and permanently disfigure, breach of the peace and having a sharply pointed utensil in prison – in one of Kelly’s most serious assaults, he stabbed and paralysed his victim using a machete.

He’s described as 180cm tall, heavy build with blue/grey eyes, short brown hair, a Scottish accent and occasionally has a beard – he also has scars to the left and right side of the face, on his arms and his right hand.

Jamie Acourt:

National Crime Agency

Wanted by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of conspiracy to supply cannabis resin between 1 January 2014 and 1 February 2016, 40-year-old Acourt, is understood to be an integral member of an organised crime group involved in the large-scale supply of cannabis.

He’s described as 173cm tall, with an athletic build, pale complexion, dark brown hair, brown eyes and sometimes wears glasses.

Shane O’Brien:

National Crime Agency

In October 2015 O’Brien was in the RE Bar in Field End Road, Eastcote, Hillingdon, with several friends.

Allegedly O’Brien approached 21-year-old Josh Hanson from Kingsbury, who was with his girlfriend at the bar, took out an item from his coat pocket and plunged it into Hanson’s neck – he was pronounced dead at the scene.

O’Brien is believed to be hiding out somewhere in Europe and has changed his appearance since Josh’s murder, now sporting long hair, a full beard and a tattoo of an owl holding a skull.

He’s been using the Italian aliases Enzo Melloncelli and Enzo Machado.

National Crime Agency

A reward of up to £50,000 is available for information leading to O’Brien’s arrest and prosecution.

David John Walley:

National Crime Agency

Between November 2012 and January 2013, several deliveries were made to an address in Manchester and one of the parcels was discovered to be containing MDMA and cocaine, after it was intercepted by the authorities.

It’s believed Walley had arranged the importation of the drugs.

During a routine traffic stop check by Amsterdam Police in September 2014, Walley identified himself as another person and produced a passport that was later found to be false.

He’s described as 5ft 8ins tall with medium build.

David Ungi:

National Crime Agency

In July 2015, David Ungi and two associates were in a vehicle on Banks Road in Garston, Liverpool, which police believe rammed a motorcycle carrying two males.

A single shot from a 12-gauge shotgun was fired inflicting a fatal injury to one of the men and injuring the other – the murder victim was Garston teenager Vinny Waddington.

Ungi is also alleged to be involved in the unlawful distribution of controlled drugs in the Liverpool area.

Shazad Ghafoor:

National Crime Agency

Ghafoor took a courtesy car from a dealership in Manchester in August 2013 using a driving license in another person’s name.

Police spotted the car and the pursuit ended in the Halifax area when he crashed – his wife and two children, who were also in the car, suffered minor injuries.

Cash in the value of £80 – £100,000 was recovered. There were also traces of heroin, cocaine and cannabis discovered on the notes. He was charged with fraud, possession of criminal property, dangerous driving and disqualified driving.

He was also charged with possession of cannabis with intent to supply after a vehicle was searched in Withington in November 2013 and cannabis worth £245,000 was found. In May 2014 Ghafoor pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

He was due to appear at court in February 2015 in relation to the other charges but failed to answer his bail and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Furthermore, Ghafoor was charged with possession of cannabis with intent to supply in relation to a separate seizure of cannabis worth £24,000 that was found at a house on Kingsway Avenue, Burnage, in September 2014.

He was due to appear in court but failed to answer his bail and another warrant was issued for his arrest.

Mehmet Salih:

National Crime Agency

Between December 2010 and November 2011 Salih, who is believed to be between 40-45 years old, was accused of being involved in a conspiracy to supply cocaine.

It’s believed he was contacted on a regular basis by an associate for the purposes of buying cocaine, delivering it and collecting payments.

In May 2011 Salih allegedly visited Lincolnshire to deliver a quantity of cocaine that was subsequently recovered by the police.

He was arrested and in possession of £20,000 (€25,000). Salih was released on bail to appear at a police station later in the year but failed to attend.

Costas Sampson:

National Crime Agency

On 25th August 2012 Sampson, who’s believed to be aged between 20-25, was convicted of raping a girl whom he met at a nightclub in London in February 2010.

The girl was taken unwell after accepting a drink from a stranger and Sampson and a friend offered to take her home.

Sampson told one of the girl’s friends he was a medical expert. He later raped the girl at her flat while she was incapacitated – he was also convicted of stealing her mobile phone, plus her flatmate’s laptop and games console.

He’s described as a male with a large build, between 175 – 180cm tall, Mediterranean ethnicity with cropped black hair. He’s said to be a Cypriot national who’s known to use the alias Kostas.

Police have advised the public not to approach any of the individuals featured in this article if spotted out and about, instead, urging you to ring 999.

Anyone with any information on any of the wanted fugitives can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously either by filling out an online form or calling 0800 555 111.

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