Inauguration Day: Joe Biden Promises To Defeat White Supremacy And Domestic Terrorism

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 20 Jan 2021 17:19
Inauguration Day: Joe Biden Promises To Defeat White Supremacy And Domestic TerrorismPA images

President Joe Biden has promised to defeat white supremacy and domestic terrorism.

His comments come in the wake of the Capitol riot that took place January 6 where hundreds of far-right extremists stormed Washington DC.


Last week it was reportedly that at least 25 domestic terrorism cases had been opened following the Capitol riot which left five people dead.

Biden made the statement as part of his inauguration speech today, January 20, after being sworn into office. He is now the 46th President of the United States.

During the speech, Biden homed in on the ongoing issue the country is facing surrounding white supremacy and stated that it must be confronted.

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He said, ‘The rise of political extremism, of white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat to overcome these challenges, to restore the future of America requires so much more than words. It requires unity.’

As per The Guardian, he added:

The dream of justice for all will be deferred no longer. […] This is our historic moment of crisis and challenge, and unity is the path forward.

Following the turmoil and division Trump left, Biden called on the country to be united and dubbed it ‘the path forward’.


The 78-year-old said to the crowd, ‘I know speaking of unity can sound to some like a foolish fantasy these days. I know the forces that divide us are deep and they are real. I also know they are not new.’

Kamala HarrisPA Images

Biden used vice president Kamala Harris as an example of how society can change; Harris is the the first female and first Black and South Asian American vice president.

Earlier on in his speech, Biden also addressed democracy in the US and said that it had ‘prevailed’.


He said, ‘This is America’s day this is democracy’s day. A day of history and hope, of renewal and resolve.’

Biden continued:

America has been tested anew and America has risen to the challenge. Today we celebrate the triumph not of a candidate but of a cause, the cause of democracy.

BidenPA Images

Upon finishing his speech, country singer Garth Brooks sang Amazing Grace and invite the crowd to sing the last verse of the song with him.

22-year-old poet Amanda Gorman then recited a poem for the event making her the youngest inaugural poet in American history.

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