Incompetent Thief Gets Lectured By Cashiers On His Technique While Robbing Takeaway

by : Julia Banim on : 18 Sep 2020 16:58
Incompetent Thief Gets Lectured By Cashiers On His Technique While Robbing TakeawayPardusco/Reddit

An incompetent thief ended up getting more than he bargained for while stealing cash from a branch of Little Caesars, and, unfortunately for him, it all ended up on camera.

In the footage, the decidedly unimpressed members of staff can be seen looking on as the thief clumsily prised open the till using a crowbar, offering critiques on his rather crappy robbing technique.


While the robber hacked away at the till as if hew were playing a highly illegal game of Whack-a-Mole, one of the cashiers could be heard on the phone to the cops, alerting them to the almost frustratingly bad robbery attempt.

You can watch footage taken in the takeaway for yourself below:


After bashing the till about a bit, the unidentified wrong ‘un was able to pull out a rather thin wad of cash, which didn’t look even nearly worth the trouble he was putting himself and others through. As one of the cashiers sighed, ‘that’s all you’re getting bro? $60?’


The staff members continued to express bemusement as the man left the takeaway, with one shouting after him, ‘don’t touch nothing’.

As if the idea had suddenly just struck him, the thief suddenly headed back into the takeout branch and began rubbing his t-shirt all over a part of the till.

It would appear that he was trying to erase all traces of himself, which might have made some sort of logical sense if he hadn’t been looking straight at the camera while doing so.

little ceasersu/Pardusco/Reddit

By this point, the staff members seemed pretty weary of the guy’s nonsense, with one of them deadpanning, ‘no fingerprints, huh?’

Somewhat amusingly, another customer came in to make an order whilst the man was busily destroying evidence, apparently blissfully unaware that he had just wandered into one of the worst thought out robbery scenes in criminal history.

The video – which appears to have been has since been taken at an unknown location in the US – has since been shared to the PublicFreakout subreddit, causing great amusement amongst Redditors.

little ceasersPardusco/Reddit

One person commented:

When it’s your first robbery and the dudes behind the counter have been through this like 10 times already.

Another noted:

He wouldn’t have come back to wipe if they hadn’t said ‘Don’t touch anything’ as he walked away. They were 1000% in his head and throwing him off.


It’s unclear what happened next after the robber headed off. UNILAD has contacted Little Ceasars for comment.

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