Incredible Cockpit Footage Shows Fighter Jet Pilots Performing Amazing Tricks

USA Military Channel/YouTube

It’s fair to say it takes some proper skill and a pair of big balls to be a fighter jet pilot… and these guys are no exception.

The footage – which was posted to the USA Military Channel on YouTube – shows the pilots dog-fighting at several different locations and flying fast and low while performing an array of incredible stunts.

USA Military Channel/YouTube

The jets can also be seen flying low to the ground and the sea and there’s even some footage of missiles being dropped and fired.

It is believed that the footage captured the pilots in training, and flares appear to be used in the majority of the mid-air exchanges.

USA Military Channel/YouTube

The cockpit camera shows the jet travelling along the short runway before lifting into the sky and hurtling across the sea.

The pilot is then seen throwing his aircraft to the side and looking down at his fellow pilot, who looks back up at him while travelling in formation at a high speed.

USA Military Channel/YouTube

Later in the video you see several flares being fired from one aircraft through the clouds, showcasing its stunning agility.

The majestic video ends with the two planes flying in sequences before one quickly moves away and the pair jet off into the distant clouds.

One thing is for sure, these guys have got some serious skills…