Incredible GTA V Mod Aims For True Photorealism

by : Ewan Moore on : 27 Jul 2016 13:32
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There are some truly breathtaking mods for GTA V on PC, but this could just be the best one yet.


Natural Vision is the latest outstanding mod for the open-world adventure, and Los Santos has never looked more realistic.

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That’s because ‘Razed’ – the modder responsible – made it their mission to make GTA V look more photorealistic than ever before. They combined a selection of mods, including ReShade and ENB, in combination with the VisualV.

I’ll let you watch the video below and decide for yourself whether these efforts paid off or not (but they absolutely fucking did).


This is honestly one of the most impressive mods I’ve ever seen, if not the most impressive.

If you fancy giving it a whirl, Natural Vision actually requires an additional modification called VisualV in order to function, which you can download here – once you’ve done that, you can download Natural Vision itself here.

Obviously this isn’t the kind of mod you can run on any old PC. I’d imagine you need something with a fair bit of power under the hood before you dive in.

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Still, even if you can’t run it yourself, at least we can look at it until our eyes bleed. The power of PC modding is terrifying and intoxicating all at once.

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