Incredible Police Officer Breaks Fall Of A Suicide Jumper With His Body


CCTV footage shows the heroic moment a police officer in China threw himself in harm’s way to cushion the fall of a man who jumped from a four-story building in an apparent suicide attempt.

Police officer Liang Xiao ran forward when the man jumped and attempted to catch him. And, amazingly, both men survived the collision!

Both Liang and the 32-year-old unnamed man were taken to hospital with minor injuries, with Liang treated for a broken left foot, facial swelling and multiple bruises.

Remarkably, both men are now “out of danger”, according to doctors.

The jumper is suspected of having taken hallucinogenic drugs before the incident, but the reasons for his dramatic leap are still being investigated.

Thank goodness that an officer as selfless and quick thinking as Liang was on the scene or we dread to think how tragic this incident could have been!