Incredible Slow-Mo Footage Captures 45 Panes Of Bulletproof Glass Being Hit With RPG

by : UNILAD on : 23 Sep 2015 03:22

Crash Zone/YouTube
In a, not at all unexpectedly militarised, Russian version of Brainiac: Science Abuse, or Mythbusters, the question was posed ‘would it be possible to have a tank with windows?’

Of course the only way to test this is to grab a manikin with a hard hat, the glass you would use for the window, and a rocket propelled grenade launcher.

The window, to be precise, is 45 layers and 16 inches of thick bulletproof glass. Whilst the weapon is an RPG specificially designed to dispatch tanks.

Place your bets now, will or won’t the glass withstand the blast?


That’d be a no then.

In slo-mo it appears as though the blast energy is almost centred on the hazard-clad dummy as it cuts through the layers of protective glass.

And tank driving soldiers the world over breath a sigh of relief that their nicely camouflaged armoured vehicles won’t have a gaping big window placed strategically in front of their faces any time soon.

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