Incredible Story Of Teenager Who Was Befriended To Be Murdered


Ross Capicchioni was pronounced dead after being shot by his friend of 10 years, but he lived to tell the tale.

On June 6, 2007, 17-year-old Ross agreed to give his friend of ten years a lift to visit his cousin in a rough neighbourhood in Detroit.

Ross’ friend had been nagging him for a week, so despite his initial alarm bells, he drove him to ‘the East side’, which he described, ‘like a third world country’ where even the police are too scared to stop.

In broad daylight, Ross drove him to the dodgy neighbourhood and parked at his ‘cousin’s’ address.

The pair of them got out of the car and within seconds, his ‘friend’ of ten years pulled out a shotgun and pulled the trigger.

Ross explained in a YouTube video:

My ears are ringing, I glanced down and my arm was hanging off. Then the blood starts flowing and this kid is holding a shotgun ten metres away from me, holding it right at me.

He blew a hole in my chest. I dropped to my knees, I lost all my air, I couldn’t see.

I remember being on my hands and knees and feeling the barrel of the gun on my head, so I smacked it away.

Ross showing the size of the hole in his chest - YouTube

The shotgun sprayed and still caught his skull, but luckily, didn’t blow his head off.

Ross was left for dead by his ‘friend’, who then stole his car and drove off.

With a shot to the arm, skull, and chest, Ross tried to get up and dragged himself about seven feet before passing out.

A probation officer found Ross on the side of the street and he was rushed to hospital, being pronounced dead on arrival.

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To the shock of the nurses around him, Ross woke up three days after the shooting with no memory – except his father’s phone number.

His family were called and Ross began his recovery. Surprisingly, he was only in hospital for five days before being sent home.

FBI agents turned up at his house the day he was discharged and showed him a photo of his ‘friend’ of ten years.

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They already had him in custody, after a kid who the shooter had bragged to about his crime, told the police immediately.

It turns out the attempted murder was part of an initiation in order to join a gang and chose Ross as his victim.

Ross’ shooter turned up to court in a purple suit, top hat, and sunglasses, being cheered by his family.

Here’s a music video which was made documenting Ross’ story:

The judge sentenced the young shooter to 35 years in prison for attempted murder.

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