Incredible Video Settles ‘The Best Weapon In Games’ Argument


It’s a question we’ve all wondered – what is the best weapon in gaming? Well now, thanks to this awesome YouTube video, we have ourselves an answer.

Uploaded by the guys over at CorridorDigital, the slick video shows a whole load of gaming’s most memorable weapons facing off against each other in Ultimate Gun Game. For those who don’t know, Gun Game is a popular mode in shooters where players score kills to upgrade their weaponry, usually starting with something shitty like a pistol and ending with the heavy hitters. First one to chalk up a kill with the final weapon, wins. Simple.

In Ultimate Gun Game, a bunch of popular gaming weapons are used to fuck shit up. The Chainsaw Gun from Gears of War, Mario’s fireball power up, a wand from Harry Potter and Mega Man’s Mega Blaster all feature before the video culminates in an epic duel between Halo’s energy sword and a lightsaber.

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The slick production values and mix of real-life and CG action make this video ten times more kick-ass. Check out CorridorDigital’s YouTube page for more clips like this one.

Seriously though, the guy with the energy sword never stood a chance. Lightsabers are epic.