Incredibles 2 Gives Jack-Jack All The Cool Superhero Powers


The first footage from the long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles was screened to thousands of fans at a Disney fan expo, and people can’t wait.

Fans at D23 were treated to a sneak peek yesterday, ahead of any trailer release for the film which is expected in cinemas in June next year.

According to MTV, Incredibles 2 will focus on Elastigirl, who is ‘now in the spotlight on her own superhero adventures’, while Mr. Incredible stays at home with baby Jack-Jack.


Director, Brad Bird, told fans the work-in-progress scene from Incredibles 2, was inspired by a ‘very simple idea’ – Bob Parr falling asleep while watching TV with Jack-Jack.

He said at this point in the film, which you will know if you’ve seen the first one, will pick up right where it left off, with stay-at-home dad Bob, who has ‘no idea’ about his son’s powers.

The scene, which was shown at the expo, begins with Jack-Jack on his sleeping father’s lap, he wakes up and spots a raccoon outside the window who bears a strong resemblance to a robber he sees on television .

So he follows his superhero instincts and goes in pursuit of the ‘bad guy’.

Jack-Jack then goes on to use absolutely ‘every superhero power in the book’ — laser vision, elasticity, fire, multiplicity, and the ability to walk through objects — to try and take down this raccoon.

The only problem is that the young Jack-Jack has no ability to control what he’s doing.


Eventually, Mr. Incredible wakes up and runs outside to grab Jack-Jack, who then becomes five Jack-Jacks, all bouncing around like ‘an army of tiny babies’.

Mr Incredible isn’t annoyed however, he’s proud.

But as he looks around and assesses the damage, he begins to realise Jack-Jack is much more powerful than he could have imagined.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be first in line for this film!