Indian Teens Chase Down Mugger After Hearing Woman’s Plea For Help


Incredible CCTV footage has emerged from India of a group of teenage lads chasing and catching a scumbag who tried to mug and molest a woman.

The woman, who is reportedly an Uzbek international, was walking alone in Delhi, India when the shitstain approached her from behind.

After snatching her purse, the apology of a human tried to molest the petrified woman who cried out for help. Luckily, a group of nearby teens heard the young woman’s screams, and began to chase her attacker.

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After finding him cowering behind a car, the group dragged him into the street and called the police, but not before giving him a swift kicking.

The boys are apparently from a local high school football team called the ‘Malviya Nagar Maniacs’, and undoubtedly saved the woman from something utterly horrific.

We extend our best wishes to the woman and the boys, who should be applauded for their brave actions.