Indiana Jones Wannabe Arrested In Jerusalem After Raiding Ancient Cave

2FB1ADC300000578-3379811-image-m-86_1451544346525Disney / Lucasfilm

Yesterday, Disney confirmed that another Indiana Jones film is on the way in 2019.

Meanwhile, last week, Israeli police arrested a 19-year-old Indiana Jones wannabe digging around for treasure in an ancient cave.

Coincidence? Probably…

The man entered Zedekiah’s Cave on Thursday when the site was open to the public. However, instead of heading out with the rest of the tourists, the teen hid in a crevice and waited for the site to close, according to Mashable.

After avoiding security, the man began digging in several sections of the cave looking for worldly famous ancient treasures buried thousands of years ago.

Zedekiah's CaveWikimedia

Zedekiah’s Cave

The biggest legend about Zedekiah’s Cave, which is buried underneath the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, is that it served as a quarry for King Solomon’s first temple.

Although the cave is usually closed on Friday’s, maintenance workers came into the cave and caught the culprit red handed and covered in mud.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that the workers found him with a ‘backpack full of stones and shards’.

He was later handed over to police and had his findings taken away.

Afterwards, he was released and immediately fled the country. Classic Indy…