India’s Most Expensive Superhero Movie Looks Completely Bizarre

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One of the worst things about living in the UK, besides Brexit (sound the politics klaxon), is that most big cinemas are lousy at advertising films which aren’t a product of the Hollywood studio system.

Oh sure every now and again they remember that other countries do make films that people want to see, and throw a Ghibli film into their list of showings, but for the most part, it’s your typical studio fare.

Thankfully though the Internet exists and it’s opened up an incredible world of marketing opportunities for films that might not get the column inches they deserve.

Take 2.0, for example, a superhero film from India which looks absolutely amazing, and by amazing we mean totally bonkers, and we totally overlooked when the trailer dropped 2 months ago.

For those who are as in the dark about this as we were until 20 minutes ago when it popped up in our super secret sourcing software allow us to explain the plot of 2.0.

The film is a sequel to Enthiran (2010) and continues the adventures of the andro-humanoid robot Chitti (Rajinikanth) who’ll face off Pakshi Rajan, an ornithologist (bird expert) who’s going to attack people who use mobile phones to prevent avian extinction.

AA Films

It’s not quite Infinity War, we know, but hey it sounds better than most of the DCEU’s plots.

In fact, now that we think about it 2.0 sounds an awful lot like that awful Birdemic film everyone pretended to kind kitsch for some reason in the late 2000s.

For the record, Birdemic wasn’t so bad its good, it was so bad it’s sh*t.

Anyway, 2.0 is the most expensive Indian movie ever made with an estimated budget of ₹543 crore (£61 million) and has opened to surprisingly positive reviews considering its bizarre premise.

At the time of writing 2.0 is sitting at 67 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes with six fresh reviews and 3 rotten ones. Its audience score is a lot higher though, currently at 94 per cent.

As you’ expect for such a well-received film 2.0’s been a smash success at the box-office earning over ₹100 crore (£11 million) worldwide on its first day, which makes it the second highest ever opening for an Indian film.

2.0 opened on November 28 in the UK and is showing in a few UK cinemas, so if you fancy something a little different from the usual superhero fare why not treat yourself to a ticket.

Or don’t. I ‘m not the boss of you.

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