Infamous British Isis Fighter Jihadi John Killed By Drone Strike


American defence officials say they are almost certain that have killed British militant Jihadi John in a drone strike in Syria.

It appears he was targeted in the Isis stronghold of Raqqa last night and although there has been no official confirmation of his death, a senior U.S. military official told Fox News that they are ’99 per cent we got him’.


The Pentagon confirmed an air strike had been carried out, but would not formally announce the details until the result had been fully assessed.

A spokesperson for Downing Street told The Independent:

The Prime Minister will make a statement later today. We have been working hand in glove with the Americans to defeat Isil and to hunt down those murdering hostages. The Prime Minister has said before that tracking down these brutal murderers was a top priority.


If Emwazi is confirmed as dead, he would be the fourth Isis militant from Britain to be killed by U.S. and British air strikes, after the deaths of Ruhul Amin, Junaid Hussain and Reyaad Khan.

Mohammed Emwazi was coined by the media as Jihadi John after appearing in several gruesome propaganda videos by Isis showing the beheading of foreign journalists and aid workers and came to embody the brutal violence of Isis.


He was a computer programmer known to MI5 and the police for over four years before he went to Syria.