Influencer Makes $250,000 After Selling Her ‘Love’ To Unknown Bidder

by : Harrison Williams on : 20 Jul 2021 20:03

The Beatles once famously said, ‘can’t buy me love’, but that may not be true as an influencer has claimed to be the first person to sell ‘virtual love’. 

Polish influencer Marti Renti has sold her ‘love’ in the form of an NFT for a staggering price of $250,000, but the ‘one-of-a-kind’ digital asset is not the only thing the buyer has purchased. The 21-year-old influencer has also promised to go on a virtual date with the buyer in the physical world.


Renti, a TikTok star with 2.4 million followers and 71 million likes on her videos on the platform, shared the news on her Instagram:

‘Yesterday I sold my first NFT for an incredible amount – I won’t tell you how much, because I don’t believe it myself. I don’t know who bought them yet. Brent, if it’s you, thank you.’


To sell and develop the NFT, Renti partnered with Fanadise, a subscription-based platform that allows influencers to connect with fans by selling exclusive content. Apparently they can sell virtual love as ‘a graphic, photo, video game, YouTube movie, song, animated GIF,’ according to Plotek.


A message on Renti’s NFT website provided some information on what this specific NFT is:

‘This is the first ever Love NFT based on digital DNA of Marti Renti. Symbol and the beginning of the new digital era. The holder of the only one Marti Renti’s Love NFT will have full rights to her digital Love. Moreover he will be invited to a one on one dinner with Marta Rentel in the physical world. Will heart follow what technology advice?’

Renti, who is also set to appear on the Polish Reality TV show called Fame of Shame, also described why she chose to sell an NFT such as this: 


‘I want to be an innovator and create the future, so I was the first person in the world to tokenize emotions. ‘Physical love, platonic love, and digital love may be different, but each is real in the same way as all our thoughts and feelings. ‘And digital means eternal. After all, everything that is digitized now will stay with us until the end of the world – photos, films, memories, everything. I always wanted Polish women to go down in history. I can already imagine what picture of me might appear in history books. It’s possible, isn’t it?”

Earlier this year Renti released a single titled ‘Bad Girl’ that also came with a music video that quickly amassed over 1 million plays.

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