Injustice 2 Gameplay Trailer Is The Stuff Of Comic Book Dreams

by : Ewan Moore on : 13 Jun 2016 15:17

While it would be far too soon to say whether or not Injustice 2 is going to be a good game, I think it’s already safe to say that it’s one to watch for DC comic fans everywhere. 


The sequel to NetherRealm Studios’ hit comic book fighter is coming in 2017, and the developer has now shared the incredible first gameplay trailer.


Much like the first game, expect a ton of DC heroes and villains knocking seven shades of shit out of each other. The basic premise of Injustice is that Superman – from an alternate reality – has gone a bit naughty and has decided to rule the world with a steel fist.

Batman and a small team of rebels disagree, and the first game ended with them successfully overthrowing the Man of Steel’s regime (with a little help from the regular Superman that we all know and love).


Injustice 2 picks up right after the events of the first game, as Batman and co struggle to rebuild the world. Judging by the trailer, it would seem the evil Superman make his return though.


As you’d expect from any good sequel, we’ve got a host of new characters who’ll be joining the roster. I imagine there are more to come, but so far we can see Gorilla Grodd, the Red Lantern Atrocitus, and Supergirl.

It even looks like there’s an appearance from Dex-Starr, a cat from Earth who became a Red Lantern, which is just 10/10 fan service from Netherealm.


As with the first game, there’s a welcome emphasis on destroying levels with outrageously over the top stage transitions and special moves. I’m a fan of Supergirl getting punched through a train, but I especially like watching Aquaman feed Gorilla Grodd to a shark.

Check out the trailer below. As mentioned when the game was announced last week, it looks like we’ll constantly be upgrading our fighters with new gear and abilities, which is an interesting concept for a fighting game.

I look forward to seeing where they take it, but I still think the Injustice costume designs are uniformly awful.


Still, Injustice 2 looks like it’s embracing the gloriously ridiculous side of DC with open arms – something the movies need to do.

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