Insane 16 Player Battle Royale ‘The Culling’ Announced, Looks Awesome


Indie game studio Xaviant have just announced The Culling, a 16 player battle royale where the rules are simple: Last man standing wins. It looks bloody, insane, and glorious amounts of fun. You can get down to it through Steam Early Access on March 8. 

Players can jump into the chaos on a remote tropical island, and are then forced to scavenge for items, craft weapons, build traps, and explore their surroundings to have the best chance of slaying their enemies and coming out on top before the end of the round.

Michael McMain, Founder and CEO of Xaviant, said:

I asked a small, talented team to come up with their dream game and gave them the autonomy to build it. The Culling is the result of that effort. It has been the highlight of my career!

There have always been pretty fun battle royale type mods for games like Day Z and H1Z1, but The Culling wants to take the experience and distil it into “pure, brutal bliss”.

Xaviant are aiming to flip the script on how gamers view multiplayer survival games, and going by the tremendously fun (and brutal) launch trailer, we reckon they might just do that.