Insane Hand At World Series Of Poker Almost Starts A Fight



Poker is a game is neither a game for the faint-hearted or those who are light in the pocket that’s for sure.

It takes a real set of skills, which includes being able to manage your temperament when the stakes get so incredibly high- but it seems these pros haven’t learnt that particular lesson just yet if this clip is anything to go by.

English poker player William Kassouf apparently has a bit of a history in antagonising fellow players and running his mouth off to gain an advantage at the table, something that has made him a very polarising player in the poker world.


So when he came up against Griffin Benger during the World Series of Poker Main Event, it was almost guaranteed that sparks would fly.

They were sparring into the later stages when Benger, holding pocket aces, raised Kassouf to $5.6 million (£4.6 million). Kassouf, who was holding pocket kings, started trying to find out what Benger would do if he was in his shoes.

Kassouf asked:

Is this another cooler? If you’ve got it, you’ve got it. I don’t think I can pass here. What do you want me to do, do you want me to go all-in or fold? Talk to me. You don’t say anything, I might have to ship you. Play for the win, right? You doing the same?”


Benger had remained reasonably measured throughout, but Kassouf’s questioning really grinded his gears, he was done with this shit.

“You’re just an abusive person, man, it’s not funny. It’s not a game. You’re being abusive to me. It’s called verbal abuse. What you’re doing to me is verbal abuse. You’re a bully. It’s rude. It’s mean,” he replied.

Kassouf defended his actions as just ‘speechplay’, but Benger was having absolutely none of it.


Benger continued:

No, it’s not called speechplay, it’s called being a bad person. You should really check yourself. Check your privilege. Check your privilege. Check your privilege. Check your privilege. You’re a rude person.

Tension grew as they went back and forth, before Kassouf decided to all in with a $13.4 million raise and with Benger’s call it took the pot (including blinds) to a staggering $27,8 million (£22.7 million).


Benger’s emotions spilled over again when the cards were flipped, yelling, “Come on baby!” Koussef replied: “You let it get to you. I got under your skin, man, I got under your skin. We’ve got fireworks now, let’s go, let’s go, the king’s coming.”

But the kings never came, bringing an end to probably the most intense all-in of all time and eliminating Kassouf in the process.

It left him in 17th place, with a take home over $300k, while Benger advanced to the November Nine, where he will be assured of at least $1 million (£820k).

The rather heated confrontation happened back in July and went viral, but has now only just been broadcast on ESPN.


After watching all this I think I’ll just stick with Monopoly, thanks.