Insane Theory Explains How ‘Dutch’ From Predator Became The Terminator

Predator Terminator20th Century Fox

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a guy who looks like he could quite comfortably lift a car.

He also happens to be one of the most badass actors in some of the most badass films ever.

The two most badass films are Predator and Terminator, and a new insane theory suggests that the two films might actually be connected.

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The theory basically suggests that after the mental and amazing events of Predator, the U.S government took Arnie’s character Dutch for ‘treatment’.

Now, as the likes of Jason Bourne and all the guys at Area 51 know, the U.S government’s secret projects are not always what they seem.

In fact Arnie, according to the theory, was actually used as a template for the T-800 which would show up in the Terminator universe to save the world from cyber domination.

Predator Terminator20th Century Fox

It’s pretty sensible to choose Arnie for this task. Did I mention that he’s a badass?

But online super geek David Israel Nunez Alvear actually says that this makes perfect sense given narratives from both franchises.

He says that after being sent to South America to ‘gain intel’, Arnie’s Dutch came face to weird spider mouth with the ultimate killing machine. And he won.

Predator TerminatorMGM Home Entertainment

The U.S government clearly realised that this Predator terminator (see what I did there) was a guy worth using as a blueprint for future battles. Smart move.

To make this at once more ridiculous and kinda more plausible, David points to a 1994 arcade game Aliens v Predator.

In this game, there is a character called Major Dutch Schaefer, a cyborg who bears more than a passing resemblance to (and shares a name with) Arnie in the Predator film.

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But more importantly, his code is CDS-170A3.

The CDS apparently stands for Cyberdyne Systems – the company who were responsible for the chain of events that resulted in the Terminator wars.

I know, nerdy stuff. Still with me?

Predator Terminator20th Century Fox

Because, amazingly, it is also canon in the Terminator universe that Cyberdyne Systems did try and find a template for the perfect soldier on which to base their mental metal creations.

The full theory goes even further to explain the relationship with the Alien universe, and it’s definitely worth a read.

It’s pretty awesome even thinking about the possibility of a Predator Terminator crossover.

Predator Terminator

If only Arnie hadn’t decided he was going to go all political, we might have seem some sort of Predator/Terminator/Alien crossover. Imagine.

He’s still a badass though.