Inside Taylor Swift’s RIDICULOUS New York Penthouse

pent5Taylor Swift

Pictures of Taylor Swift’s new $20 million New York penthouse have been revealed, and we have to say, it’s pretty amazing.

Now while you might expect the best for that kind of cash, the rustic apartment (if you can even call something as nice as this an apartment), is really something else, and after buying it off Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, Swift has been quick to post pictures of herself and her famous friends enjoying nights in together.

The singer/songwriter is a huge fan of cooking and making cupcakes, so the fact that the kitchen is so spacious seems ideal, and after seeing pictures of her ‘girl gang’ as they have been dubbed, Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt and Gigi Hadid, enjoying some food together in the Manhattan penthouse, it’s pretty obvious Swift is happy in her new apartment – not that you wouldn’t be if a group of supermodels wanted to pop round for tea and cake.

pent4Taylor Swift

The penthouse was originally two flats that have been converted into one, and has seven bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Oh, to be Taylor Swift.