‘Insomniac’ Kim Jong-Un ‘Sleeps In Parliament’ As He’s Granted More Power


Kim Jong-un has reportedly been caught catching forty winks in the North Korean parliament while being appointed chairman of the Commission on State Affairs.

According to South Korean spies, the Supreme Leader has gained 90lbs since assuming power, and due to fears of being assassinated, Un suffers with insomnia, while also reportedly bingeing on food and drink.

Well, the lifestyle appears to have taken its toll, with North Korean state television capturing footage of Un struggling to stay awake during a parliamentary session…

As reported by the Daily Star, the dictator’s nap may also have been the result of some heavy late night drinking.

It’s claimed that the leader of the secretive state boasted to his father’s former chef, Kenji Fujimoto, that he can polish off ten bottles of wine a night – how he even made it out of bed is a miracle in itself then.

unNorth Korean Central TV/Twitter

Why does it matter if Un did fall asleep, you may ask? Well, back in 2015, former defence chief Hyon Yong Chol was reportedly executed with an anti-aircraft weapon for the same ‘crime’.

Chol dozing off at a military event was allegedly the straw which broke the camel’s back in terms of Un’s patience, and he was brutally dealt with.


Something tells me Kim won’t be punishing himself quite as severely.

It’s just so disappointing when you discover that a harsh, unfair dictator, is also a hypocrite. It really damages their reputation…