Instagram Bans Photographer’s Breastfeeding Photos, During World Breastfeeding Week


According to the social media trolls no-one has a fucking sense of humour anymore ? ?? #fridayfun #dontforgetdads

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An Australian photographer was shocked to find her Instagram account had been taken down by the company, for allegedly breaching their terms.

Melissa Jean Wilbraham is well known for her photos celebrating motherhood and birth. These include images of breastfeeding, and ironically her account was taken down on the day World Breastfeeding Week began.

She told Daily Mail Australia:

It was like being punished for celebrating the miracle of life.

But after a backlash from supporters her account was eventually restored.

Instagram said they are not opposed to breastfeeding images and that it was a mistake.

A spokesman said:

We looked into what happened here, and this was a pure mistake that we’ve now rectified. For context, our teams review content when it’s reported to us for violating our Community Guidelines.

They review millions of pieces of content daily – and as much as we’d like to be free of mistakes, we do make them. We are sorry that this happened, but we use cases like this to learn and improve.

Happy day of birth sweet Frankie ☀️#oncearoundthesun

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The incident has helped her career, and she’s seen the popularity of her business increase online.