Instagram Celebrity ‘Candyman’ Throws Ridiculous £240,000 Party


Tobacco tycoon and Instagram celebrity the ‘Candyman’ threw a ridiculous party last week.

Australian tobacco millionaire Travers Benyon, AKA Candyman, threw the party in his own honour – obviously – and the bash included live animals, pyrotechnics and women wearing not much, The Mirror reported.

Hundreds of people attended the massive pool party, with many dressed as animals and mermaids, and it allegedly cost about $500,000 (£242,000) to put on.

That might be a halo, but I ain’t no Angel. #candyman #candyshopmansion

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The pool featured a freshly built fountain in honour of the Candyman, with huge statues and pillars decorating it. Guests were greeted by elephants at the entrance, because of course, and were later treated to a massive firework show.

43-year-old Travers is married to Taesha Benyon, who is his ‘biggest fan’, apparently, although he also has two girlfriends on the side.

Taesha’s grandparent were understandably pissed off recently when the Gold Coast tycoon posted a picture of himself ‘walking’ his wife on a leash, as she crawled on her hands and knees.