Instagram Model Sparks Outrage After Deluded Rant At ‘Peasant’ Security Guard


An Instagram model has sparked outrage after going on a vile rant at a security guard during which he told the guard to ‘kill himself’. 

The model, allegedly Christian Burns , believed that because he was ‘famous’ he should be allowed into  The Anaheim Convention Center for VidCon.

Unfortunately for Mr burns the guard, like 99.9 per cent of people, hadn’t heard of Christian and refused to let him into the building simply because he was ‘famous’.

What transpired was perhaps the most petty, childish rant from a social media ‘star’ I’ve ever seen on the Internet, which is fucking impressive considering how petty and childish social media ‘stars’ can be.

Mr Burns told the guard: 

Dude, I’m famous and you’re not so listen to me, I have a lot more money than you okay so listen to me…

You’re not famous you’re irrelevant, you’re ugly. I’m attractive as fuck and I make a lot of money.


We’d continue to quote Mr Burns but to be honest watching the video once to report on him filled me such a bilious rage that I can’t quite manage to sit through it again.

Of course as fun as it would be to rip into Mr Burns, perhaps saying that in my opinion he’s a professional nobody and that I personally think his hair makes him look like a rejected extra form the Mad Max: The Road Warrior, it would also be childish and hypocritical.

Instead we’ll deal in facts, namely  a fun game I like to call who’s got more Instagram followers than Christian Burns.

So here’s Mr Burn’s Instagram…


As I’m sure you can see he’s got roughly 29,000 followers, that’s quite a few I’m sure we can all agree. But how does he compare to someone like Z-list celebrity Scotty T?

It seems Scott’s a lot more popular…


Of course Scotty T’s on TV, let’s try someone a little less high profile, maybe someone desperate enough to go on Big Brother…


Again it seems Christian’s lost out. Let’s try something else…


At least you’ve got more than the Emoji Movie Christian!


But to be fair I think my grans’s got more followers than the Emoji movie…

In all seriousness though we don’t know what provoked Christian to be such a colossal muppet, maybe the guard was a dick? Maybe Christian is a bit entitled?

Either way this video doesn’t look good for wannabe star Christian.