Instagram’s ‘Creepy’ New Update Has Annoyed Everybody


The idea of internet privacy in 2018 is a laughable thing really.


We live in a time where Netflix tracks algorithms of the shows and movies their subscribers watch (and then ultimately exposes those results on Twitter), Facebook and WhatsApp have been integrated into our daily lives and even now, Nike can track your running progress from anywhere in the world via their running app.

Privacy in 2018 (where the internet is concerned), is a complete and utter fallacy, yet the people who use these all-access services on a regular basis still complain about the invasion of privacy, it’s like an episode Black Mirror.


Hypocritical? Of course it is! After all, they clicked ‘agree’ on the terms and conditions (honestly who reads those?), but still, you’re well within your right to complain and are more than entitled to your own privacy.

Jerry Gadiano/UNILAD

Instagram are the latest to be accused of violating the ‘privacy’ pact after their new update came with a less-than-welcome feature.

If you go to the options selection of your profile you’ll see a new feature called ‘Show activity status’, which is automatically turned on.

Instagram says it:


Allows accounts you follow and anyone you message to see when you were last active in Instagram apps.


It’s basically like the WhatsApp feature which lets people you message (and vice-versa), aware of the last time you were using the app and if you’ve read their message or not.

The feature has already been met with negative feedback on social media which have likened Instagram’s new feature to a ‘stalker’s paradise’.

Matt Cagle, Digital rights attorney at the ACLU of Northern California, wrote on Twitter:


Instagram now tells your friends when you were last on Instagram, which is embarrassing because you’re always on Instagram.

There is a way around this disturbing new feature, a process which Instagram slyly chose not share with its billions of users.

If you do wish to turn it off, go to your profile tab and click the options/settings icon.

Once in, scroll towards the bottom until you come across ‘Show activity status’ and simply turn off the feature.

Jerry Gadiano/UNILAD

Now that’s done, normal service may resume – it’s now safe to return to your unhealthy Instagram addiction as you scroll through various pictures of the latest ‘Insta-thot’/thirst trap/MCM/WCW.

You’re welcome.

Being one the most powerful and influential apps in the world, they compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

With the influence and popularity, the opportunity to make money is always around the next corner.


While it’s no secret sponsored content, posted by celebrities and social media influencers, has crept onto our timelines, what you might not know is the extortionate amounts of money these accounts are earning per-post.

It’s been reported Selena Gomez earns at least £424,000 per post, while a post from Kim Kardashian will likely cost you £385,000 if you have a product you want her to promote.


Furthermore, research also revealed a fifth of sponsored posts were made clear that the user had been paid to post content – another way to mislead people, especially the young and impressionable!

Honestly are we all just unknowing cast members in a Black Mirror episode?

Charlie Brooker please let us know.