Insulate Britain Blocks Dover Ferry Terminal After Court Bans M25 Protest


Insulate Britain Blocks Dover Ferry Terminal After Court Bans M25 ProtestPA Media/Xx T W xX/YouTube

Insulate Britain activists have taken to Dover after being banned from campaigning on the M25, blocking the ferry terminal. 

The climate change campaign group, who previously blocked junctions on the the M25 motorway on five separate occasions, has now relocated to Dover after an injunction was granted against them by a judge.


A group of around 30 Insulate Britain protesters took to the Port of Dover this morning, September 24, to sit at the terminal’s entrance and block off most access points to the port.

Insulate Britain protesters (PA Media)PA Media

The group has been demanding the UK government reduces heating emissions and introduces a nationwide plan to insulate all homes in Britain.

While the group previously took to the M25 to block various junctions in protest, an injunction was filed against them after their actions ‘put people’s lives at risk’.


One of the leaders of the group recently stormed off Good Morning Britain when questioned about the dangerous nature of the protests, which even resulted in a mother being left paralysed due to the delays, and the fact that his own home was not insulated itself.

One protester at the Dover ferry terminal this morning held a sign which read, ‘Arrested four times because I am in mourning for life on earth’, as he took to climbing on top of a tanker that was caught in the traffic, according to LBC.

Traffic is being diverted by police officers at the scene. The Dover port is one of the UK’s main gateways for trading to and from the EU.


Despite the granting of the injunction against the group to prevent them from returning to the M25, the activists had warned they would continue to protest.

After the announcement of the injunction was made, outside of the Home Office, one of the group’s members declared that the injunction ‘changes nothing’.

The Government has stated that as many as 270 arrests have been made in association with the protests led by Insulate Britain. The M25 protests have reportedly caused over £500,000 worth of disruption costs to drivers.


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  1. LBC

    Eco mob blocks road at Dover ferry terminal after court bans M25 protest

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