Insulate Britain M25 Protester Storms Off GMB In Heated Debate

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When questioned about the consequences of the M25 road block protest, an Insulate Britain protester stormed off Good Morning Britain due to not being able to handle the heated debate. 

Insulate Britain, an environmental climate campaign group, took to the M25 motorway to block a number of junctions in protest of the UK government’s approach to climate change, specifically in relation to providing home insulation to all social housing.


Liam Norton, a member of the protest group, was  interviewed by Good Morning Britain, however, when embroiled in a hot debate led by presenters Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid, Norton grew frustrated and ended up storming off the programme.

Insulate Britain Climate Activists protesters block A41 M25 roundabout in Hertfordshire between Watford and Kings Langley with police on sceneAlamy

When questioned whether he would be prepared to lose his life for the campaign or the lives of his protesters, Norton argued that ‘people are going to lose their lives if nothing is done’.

He said that the position is ‘awful’, adding that ‘no one is doing enough to save the next generation from destruction’.


Susanna then noted that the protest could mean a motorist hitting one of the people demonstrating, and Norton said that while would it would be ‘terrible’, ‘people are going to lose their lives, that’s where we’re at’.

Norton was also called out for his ‘hypocrisy’ in how his own home wasn’t actually insulated.

When challenged as to why his house was not insulated, he stated, ‘Whether my home is insulated or not doesn’t change the fact that millions of peoples’ homes are insulated and aren’t going to be.’


He told Reid that it was ‘a shame’ that the discussion had been ‘debased’ in this way.

When questioned as to whether he could afford to insulate his home, Norton dodged the question and instead asked, ‘Do you think it’s acceptable for millions of people in our country to be living in fuel poverty?’

When quizzed about the woman who was left paralysed due to the blocks on the M25, Norton argued, ‘You’re not listening to what I’m saying in terms of the future of our country being at stake.’


While Madeley agreed with Norton’s argument, he questioned why it needed to have ‘fatal’ consequences.

Norton then spoke about Churchill in 1937 and how few MPs supported him when he was ‘trying to fight Hitler’. He asked Madeley to try to ‘put [himself] into a historical situation’, and claimed that despite only being supported by six MPs, Churchill was right, stating, ‘Not always the public are with you but you’re still right.’

Due to the debate reaching a heated point at which Norton was called ‘patronising’ and ‘hypocritical’, the Insulate Britain protester ended up standing up and leaving the show.


Madeley concluded:

Ladies and gentlemen, we now know that these protestors are following in the steps of Winston Churchill. That is the level of intellectual debate they are able to bring to the table. That’s their parallel. What do we make of that level of intellectual vapidity?

Journalist Dawn Neesom then accused the group’s actions of being on par ‘with terrorism’. She explained that she has covered enough road traffic accidents and car crashes, and has had to go and tell families that they’ve lost loved ones.

‘You know what, seeing them walk out on the M25 the other day, brought back so many horrific memories,’ she concluded.

Insulate Britain is campaigning for the UK government to insulate all of Britain’s ‘leaky homes’, beginning with social housing and for them to take responsibility by 2025.

It is demanding that the government introduce a nationwide plan to combat the energy that is lost from the heating and cooling of inefficient buildings.

However, despite its positive campaign to reduce heating emissions, the protests on the M25 this week have sparked controversy. In a matter of days, protesters had taken to the M25 on five different occasions, causing extreme road blockages, delays and standstill traffic.

Insulate Britain protestors could now be imprisoned as an injunction filed by the UK government was granted by a judge.

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