Insulate Britain Protester Who’s Been Arrested Nine Times Explains Reasons Behind Ongoing Action

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Insulate Britain Protestor Who’s Been Arrested Nine Times Explains Reasons Behind Ongoing Action@shadiaED/ Twitter

An Insulate Britain protester has stressed she won’t stop her demonstrations despite already having been arrested nine times. 

The climate activist group continues to cause controversy by blocking busy roads in Britain in a bid to get the government to ‘take responsibility for the full low-energy and low-carbon whole-house retrofit of all homes in Britain by 2030’ to cut carbon emissions.


Demonstrators took to the streets for their 12th day of protests today, October 8, blocking Junction 25 of the M25 at Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire and the A501 at Old Street roundabout in Islington, north London.

The disruptions have been met with backlash from members of the public who have been personally impacted by the demonstrations, and Insulate Britain has admitted its actions on the M25 are ‘in breach’ of an injunction obtained by the government last month, though activists are determined to continue the action.

Footage shared online by RT.com correspondent Shadia Edwards-Dashti shows one demonstrator explaining that in spite of her multiple arrests, she will keep protesting until the government ‘starts taking notice and insulating housing as it should be doing’.


She argued that the government is ‘killing the economy’ by focusing on building projects rather than insulating housing, adding, ‘They’re killing people and it’s about time they started being honest.’

Hear her comments below:

The protester made clear she won’t stop until the demands are met, confirming she is so dedicated to the cause that neither her nine arrests nor the threat of going to prison is enough to sway her, though she became emotional as she acknowledged that the consequences of her actions are affecting her family.


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As for the impacts the demonstrations are having on other members of the public, she said, ‘I understand their frustration but they’ve got that angry because the system is so broken, they’re being sort of pushed into a corner, encouraged to work, to make money, to buy stuff that they don’t actually need.’

She continued, ‘If we change the way we live and started caring for people, we could have a much better world.’

Insulate Britain Climate Activists protesters block A41 M25 roundabout (Alamy)Alamy

The Metropolitan Police released a statement today to say it has responded to both demonstrations, writing that ‘some activists have used super glue to frustrate our efforts and to delay Londoners even further’.


It added, ‘We train for these scenarios and have specialist teams on hand to help remove people and make arrests. We will share more information shortly.’

Despite holding up traffic, Insulate Britain has said its ‘blue lights’ policy involves moving out of the way for emergency vehicles with ‘blue lights’ on.

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Shadia Edwards-Dashti/Twitter
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