Insulate Britain Protesters Have Ink Thrown In Their Faces Amid Motorway Chaos

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Ink has been thrown in the face of two Insulate Britain protesters amid ongoing roadblocks on the M25. 

The environmental group has been staging a series of protests over the past several weeks, in the hopes of forcing the government to commit to tackling climate change by insulating all social housing.


The protesters recently declared the M25 a site of ‘non-violent civil resistance‘ and said they would begin blocking it from 7.00am today, October 27.

However, the Insulate Britain activists have been met with increasingly negative reactions from members of the public, even leading to two having ink thrown in their faces.

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While the protester noted how the ink wasn’t ‘painful’ and ‘didn’t hurt’, he called the incident ‘unpleasant’ and ‘just sad’, in a recorded video posted by News For All.


He said:

The whole thing’s sad. It’s sad that we have to do this. I hate doing it. I’m a retired doctor, I’ve spent my whole life trying to help people and I’m reduced to having to do this, because the government won’t address the problem adequately basically.

When questioned whether he was worried about potential violence against the activists, he concluded that he was ‘terribly worried’.


The response to the protests from members of the public has gradually escalated, with motorists having dragged the activists from the road, one having tied a member of the climate change group to a railing, and even a mother on the school run beginning to drive into another.


Motorist Plays Aggressive Bagpipes In Insulate Britain Protesters’ Faces Amid Motorway Mayhem

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Despite having been met with such aggression, Insulate Britain protesters have showed no signs of stopping.

Moreover, the group has stressed that demonstrations will continue to take place despite the risk of arrest or imprisonment.

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