Insulate Britain Protesters Sentenced To Prison

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Nine Insulate Britain protesters have been handed prison sentences. 

The custodial sentences come amid widespread coverage and frustration at the environmental group, which has been regularly protesting on roads in its campaign for the government to insulate all social housing as part of its efforts against climate change and cutting carbon emissions.


Six protesters were sentenced to four months behind bars, two others were handed three months in jail and one was given six months following his statement to a judge yesterday, November 16.

In an earlier video, one motorist could be seen nudging a protester in their car as they refused to move off the road:


Dr Ben Buse, 36, Roman Paluch, 28, Oliver Roc, 41 and Emma Smart, 44, Tim Speers, 36, and James Thomas, 47, were all sentenced to four months in jail, while Ana Heyatawin, 58 and Louis McKenchnie, 20, were jailed for three months. Ben Taylor, 27, was given six months, as reported by LBC.


All nine protesters admitted to participating in an October 8 demonstration on the M25, with their blockade breaching a National Highways injunction. Myriam Stacey QC, representing the government agency, described the protest as an act of ‘civil disobedience’.


Insulate Britain Respond Citing ‘Genocide’ Following Protester Prison Sentences

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Taylor told Dame Victoria Sharp, president of the Queen’s Bench Division, that he’d ‘go out and block the highway at the earliest opportunity’ if he wasn’t given a jail sentence. ‘And I will continue to do so until the government makes a meaningful statement and f*cking acts on it,’ he continued.

‘If you send me away to prison, 10 people will step forward in my place. If you send each of us away, 100 people will step forward and take our places. If you send 100 of us away, 1,000 people will step forward to take our place. If you somehow manage to stop all non-violent protests, then things will only turn violent.’


As they were sentenced and walked out of the court, the protesters reportedly chanted, ‘We are unstoppable, another world is possible.’

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