Intense Video Shows Knife-Wielding Man Begging Police To Kill Him


An American police officer has drawn praise for not fatally wounding a crazed man who drew a knife on him.

Joshua Hilling pulled over when he spotted Javier Pablo Aleman walking down Interstate 75 in Ohio.

As reported by the Washington Post, Aleman said he didn’t have any identification and was requested to place his hands on the police car for the officer’s safety.

Aleman then pulled a knife on the officer while exclaiming ‘I’m going to kill you!’

Hilling’s body camera captured dramatic footage of the officer discharging one round in Aleman’s abdomen.

Aleman then stalks the officer into the middle of the highway and begs Hilling to kill him.


Hilling calls for backup and Aleman is eventually disarmed without receiving any fatal injuries, despite repeated pleas to be shot and refusing to drop his weapon.

It has been reported Hilling won’t be charged for the shooting on March 29, but Aleman will face charges of attempted murder.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said of the incident in a press conference:

Joshua Hilling deserves a medal for what he did.

He showed remarkable restraint involving the confrontation of an individual who was clearly armed.


Hilling didn’t know at the time that Aleman was a wanted fugitive in Baltimore County, in connection to the fatal stabbing of his landlord Victor Adolfo Serrano on March 17.

The officer’s actions now stand as a shining example to American officers of how a dangerous situation can be handled without resorting to deadly force.