Internet Goes Crazy Over Girl’s Selfie And You Can See Why


This unassuming selfie sent Twitter into a meltdown, with many users horrified. It was nothing to do with the girl in the photo though.

Judgmental social media users were far more concerned with the setting of the photo, which revealed a pretty messy room.

If we zoom out, behind the girl in the black shiny dress, there is a floor that you can barely make out through the clothes and shoes.


I don’t think it’s that messy, just a classic scene after a night of getting ready…but Twitter went mad at Alyssa, expressing disgust at the ‘unhygienic’ environment.

Niccolo was even praying for her future husbands…what a selfless guy.

We’ve got a doctor here everyone! ZekeDux is taking stabs at her health because there’s a load of clothes, make-up and shoes on the floor.

When Chris jumps to her defence, another user points out a rat in the room.

The elusive rat is very hard to see, so someone zoomed in and drew a helpful arrow.

That could literally be anything, but to Twitter, this is conclusive evidence of a rat.

I mean, I wouldn’t particularly like to spend time in that room, but if she’s comfortable, who the fuck cares?

A tidy room is a tidy mind though.