Internet Reacts To British MPs Voting To Bomb Syria


Yesterday, at roughly 10.30pm, British MPs voted in favour of conducting airstrikes in Syria against so-called Islamic State.

The Internet was fascinated in the build up and following the result has been very vocal.

A high number of people have headed online to vent their bemusement and opposition to the decision that will see RAF Tornado GR4s dropping bombs.

Here are some of the best, funniest, and most moving messages we have seen thus far.



But there has also been a steady stream of support for military intervention from Britain.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn may have been defeated on the night, but he took to Facebook to assure citizens he would not be backing down over how Britain should approach the conflict in Syria.

Parliament has just voted to launch airstrikes in Syria. I am reminded of the messages I have received in recent days…

Posted by Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

But perhaps the best tweet of the day came before the result was announced.

What lies beyond the bombing in Syria remains to be seen, but whatever happens it will certainly be coming at a high human cost.