Interviewee Horrified After Being Asked Why Jimmy Savile Should Front Marketing Campaign


One job hunter was outraged after being asked in an interview to explain why she felt Jimmy Savile should run the company’s next promotional campaign.

While the exercise was all part of the interview, for a job with the RAC in a breakdown cover sales role, Rachel Silver was less than impressed.

The 28-year-old, from Denton, Greater Manchester, said she was left shocked and upset after the question.


She added:

The RAC is a multi-million pound breakdown company. No companies I have had interviews with before have asked me to do that.

What if I had gone through abuse issues? I have not gone through that, but I do know people who have, anybody else in the interview could have – why haven’t the RAC thought of that?

I can’t understand why a multi-million pound company, which has had big sponsorship deals with people like Lewis Hamilton, I don’t understand why they would use Jimmy Savile.


Rachel was offered the job, but turned it down after her horror, and wrote a letter of complaint.

After receiving the letter, the RAC offered her £5.90 to reimburse her travel costs for the day.