Investigation Launched After SAS Posts Photos Of Deadliest Missions


SAS members are in trouble with their superiors after sharing top secret photographs of covert operations and weapons to social media.

The elite fighting force sign a non-disclosure agreement before joining, which doesn’t seem to have stopped some servicemen sharing a little too much information online.

More than 2,000 photographs, featuring Special Ops servicemen and women on the frontline, standing alongside offensive weapons, have been posted to Facebook.


They mark the first instance ever of the highly secretive SAS recruits being pictured with trained army dogs and K9 units.

The images are believed to have been taken in Iraq by UK troops, whose individual identities have been covered, but who are seen wearing the news style of British SAS combat gear.

Those uploading the photographs are in direct breach of the SAS and SBS Group Policy.


The policy states no information must be revealed about operations, weapons, equipment or TTPs – Tactics, Training and Procedures.

The pictures emerged during an investigation into allegations that British special forces murdered innocent civilians in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, and went on to falsify mission documents to cover their tracks.

A rogue SAS unit is alleged to have killed suspected insurgents when the operation required only their detention back in 2011.


The Royal Military Police (RMP) are also investigating claims the troops then planted guns on the victims to make them appear to be insurgents.

The investigation is part of Operation Northmoor, which has looked into deaths during the Afghan war, but only so far found one case of unlawful killing.

‘The images on this site are current and genuine’, a former SAS source told The Daily Star, adding: “Sometimes younger blokes want to see the profile of the regiment raised, but these guys have gone off-grid.”


The source concluded: “The MoD have been looking at this and I predict it will be closed down.”

The Ministry of Defence are yet to offer comment.